• TTS Holler Teaser Pictures (Seohyun)

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  • ohhh sehun; favorite pictures

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  • SeKai; Model!AU

    It wasn’t a surprise when Jongin’s boss cornered him during an after party one late afternoon and sat him down on one of the couches — brown, Italian leather. He almost spilled some of his champagne.

    “So how do you expect going about keeping it a secret, Jongin,” Junmyeon asked, chin prepped up on long fingers and neatly polished nails. A smirk graced his features, and Jongin’s ears turned a deep red.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about—”

    “You pretty much shamelessly eyefuck each other mid-runway, what do you figure people will assume?”

    Jongin chanced a glance past Junmyeon across the room at Sehun, who stood surrounded by a small click of people and was chatting casually with a fancy glass in one hand. He caught Jongin and waved, a piece of some white cheese in his mouth.

    Jongin slapped a hand on his forehead and groaned. The red on his ears spread all over his cheeks and neck.

    “I don’t know…”

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  • Yixing in EXO’s ‘13 Calendar~~

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  • ❅ EXO 2013 official calendars giveaway ! ❅

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    Hey everyone, Sooooo I decided to giveaway copiesofEXO 2013 calendars ( One copy = both wall & desk calendars ! )

    Well, I decided to giveaway TWO because there are two different versions : The 1st version is the “Global season” calendars, the 2nd version is the “Chinese Season ” calendars.

    That mean there will be TWO winners.

    - The winners get to choose between which version he/she wants.

    More details  (click the link to see the pictures ):

    Global Season:  Desk Calendar Wall Calender 

    Chinese Season: Desk Calendar + Wall Calendar

    more pictures here

    They’re pretty much the same, except for the season difference. The one with the silver title is the global version, and the one with the golden title is the Chinese version.

                                                       ~ ♡ ~

    Giveaway rules:

    #1. No giveaway blogs

    #2.Likes count

    #3. You can only reblog this only 5 times/day.

    #4. You don’t have to follow me  (but you I’d really appreciate it if you do)

    I’ll be shipping internationally. The winners will be chosen with an online number generator. If you have any questions, feel free to message me. 

    Giveaway ends  January.20.2013

    Good luck everyone ♥

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  • kang junhee the intern ㅎωㅎ

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